The CL90 was this strange bike caught in between classifications. Honda created this bike as a 'Sport Bike' in-fact, the very first 'Sport Bike;' its main focus was its power-to-weight ratio. At just under 190lbs, the CL made around 8bhp. So, here we have this dinky little Cl90 that is just about as fun as a bike can be to ride, with no real purpose other than to be fun, and the question is: what to do with it? Teaming up with Gerber, I had access to knives, multitools, lights, even swords. There's a mini machete on the back of the fork leg, a multi tool/camera holder with easy access on the handlebars, some night vision flashlights for tail lights, a fold out shovel sporting a '39,' the year gerber started, a rack for a lunch box. What else? Headlight grill, Newchurch seat, oh and some awesome black badger graphic on the tank by Garage 31