Bryce Wong X See See Motorcycles - Release PARTY

Artist Highlight: Bryce Wong 
Wong is a Portland based artist best known for distorting the mundane, the cool, the original and the new... his work is an ever moving, warped and flowing piece of art through illustrations using ink, pencil, markers and whatever else he can get his hands on.  The flow is why Wong hit home with us.... Morphing See See's iconic Smiley graphic made us remember why we keep doing what we do... for the always ever refreshing change.  

Change isn't always easy, but it's a given.  To be able to react to this thing called change gracefully is an artform in itself. See See exists because ten years ago we needed change in the motorcycle community, we WANTED it. Filling the gap where it needed See See become the meet up for anyone interested in two-wheels and everyone outside of that. 



Bryce Wong has been on the ground level for years now... literally, as he comes from the shoe designing world, he has covered his tracks as far as Vans and as close as Nike. Always pushing for that undiscovered change, that movement, and we have come to dig upon it. 

See See rippers Jesse Muggett, Nathan Duffy and Lucy Walker took the gear for a ride through the streets of Portland to test run the fun... check it.

Photos by : Ehren McGhehey