Jimmy Hill sends his ALTA over Smoke the Australian Shepard



Photos by  - Jason Hanson @creepyj

There wasn't any real thought for the FULL SEND event at See See a couple weeks back. It was just a reason for buds to get together, throw a shitty ol' ramp down, guzzle a few beers while folks did their best to land each grimy asphalt leap. 

Having no reason for it worked... and it worked well. People showed up, the music was on and anything with wheels showed up to jump the ramp built the night before. 

The goal started out to see how many 805 beers could we drink and how far each contender could jump them... the jump getting progressively harder & longer as each can downed the throat was ordered to be thrown down the ramp line.  

Beers provided by 805 BEER 

We even pulled out the vintage class ramp with a board and two cylinder blocks and an old dude on an old Mafiabike, or was it a Schwinn... either way he pulled off some throwback leaps with his throwback hair and tied it altogether. 

Eventually the ramp alone was conquered, or maybe the beer conquered us, anyways the flatbed truck became just another test in the field of safety to be overtaken.  

10pm rolled around, and because we're old playing our old games the music turned off and the night rolled in, resulting in a 26 foot send by @troydeedoidy on the BMX, a 14ft send on the board and an endless send by @hillsack on the ALTA... oh, and a 3ft send on the wheelbarrow left us all with a big old smile.

Andrew Adams at FULL SEND here 

Winner in the Skate category with a 14ft + Send 

Spencer McCabe with the an almost identical flyer tuck ten years later 

Really... anything with wheels showed up... 

 Keegan Root with the weirdest send award 

Nothin' but smiles that night.