Never go Hungry on the Road again...

The See See Built Indian BBQ Bike means you won't have to wait to enjoy your roadkill... 


The See See Motorcycles Team hit this year's Sturgis rally with a See See build we're sure will be popular. It's a custom-built Springfield Darkhorse Indian with a big ol' Treager BBQ for a sidecar. 

The team isn't messing about, either – it's a decent-sized Traeger Ironwood 885 wood-fired unit, capable of fitting in 10 whole chickens or seven racks of ribs. We don't know what that equates to in squirrels, foxes and deer, but whatever it runs over can be served up with a nice wood-chipped smoky flavor.

These beasty grills are well known for their excellent performance in cold weather, but there's no word on whether you'll be able to do your nine-hour brisket smoking operation on the highway at speed.

Combining two great American passions – motorcycle cruising and smoky BBQ

If you're headed to Sturgis, you can catch this machine, built by Thor Drake of See See Motorcycles, at the corner of Lazelle and 3rd, where it'll be serving lunch to anyone that takes an Indian demo bike out for a cruise.

Photos by: Ray Gordon 

Source: Indian Motorcycle