Smily 53 Summer Collection debuted at 21 & Hammered!

The See See Crew headed west into the Tillamook Forrest with Photographer Amanda Smith to capture the clear air and some fun at The 2nd Annual 21 & Hammered Event put by Kit Engwall, and it did NOT disappoint. 

Riders that have the guts and glory to make the trek through the treacherous 40 mile loop ( mostly black diamond runs) must also be on dirt-bikes that are 21 years or older. Rules are Rules ... and there aren't many at this event. 

With hillclimbing on Saturday, live music, huge bonfires and a pool table in the middle of camp... there wasn't much down time to be had.... Hangovers the next morning were mandatory, but luckily See See managed to lug the ol' Ural Sidecar Coffee Bike kitted with our full Lamarzocco  espresso machine to provide fresh coffee bright and early before the ride out Sunday morning. 

Check out some highlights and find yourself a new 4th of July outfit along the way! 

Photos: Amanda Smith - @a_leighsmith


Joey Leads the pack up the Hillclimb... never to be seen again... 

Mid ride break at the mobile tiki lounge and mountain pools 

Families welcome! 

Gas truck was a must during the mid ride meet up