Motor Coffee Mail - Gift Guide

Motor Coffee Mail - Gift Guide

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Cliche caption alert ... The gift that keeps on giving.... BUT IT'S TRUE 3 months, 6 months or all year round, you choose! The See See Scrambler Coffee subscription keeps whomever receives it buzzin around the clock for many moons, We're even tossing in a cafe mug so that the experience rings true.

Its rich chocolatey flavors blended with a sweet caramel finish is a sure-fire way to start your day, however you brew your coffee at home. It even brews nicely in that ol' off-white, mid-nineties, probably-never-cleaned Mr. Coffee maker in the corner of your shop.

The See See Scrambler Blend has a syrupy richness, supreme body and full flavors not to miss. Don't just take our word for it - try it out for yourself.

Best way to have a little See See every day, wherever you are.

Proudly roasted in the great NW with our pals at Proud Mary Coffee for your total pleasure any place on this planet.

When brewing Scrambler as espresso for milk-based drinks, you want to aim for a 1:2 ratio. Meaning one part dry espresso grounds (dose), to two parts final beverage weight (yield).

Origins: Honduras | Brazil | El Salvador
Recipe: Espresso - 1:2.5 | Filter - 1:17
Notes: Chocolate fudge, caramel, date, with a big syrupy body