In 1962, there were little more than a half a million motorcycles registered in America, in 1970, 2.8 million. By 1975, that number had risen to over 5 million. Why? Because motorcycles are fun! No one was producing vintage inspired cafe racers or cruisers back then, they were all just trying their damnedest to make the fastest, best bikes they could. Racing as a sport pushed manufacturers to build them, and racers inspired legions of new riders.

Time passed, and people forgot. You can’t even see an AMA Superbike race on TV anymore.

See See Motorcycle Racing has found 100% genuine 1970s enthusiasm in the form of yellow racing jerseys. Let the past inspire you to create the future, one win at a time. We think it’s important to remember and acknowledge the Motorcycle Racing spirit as the originator and future of our machines, and to support the riders out there risking it all to make it happen.

Influenced by motorcycle legends, we're inspired to show the next generation something we thought was good and pure. We want to give back to the thing we enjoy most. Promote racing?! Yes. And hopefully preserve the notion that “Fast" can’t be faked.