Schedule of Events

July 21st — Friday Night
Gates open @ 1:00 pm
Friday Classes include: Pro, Am - Quad, Mini, Dtx, Vintage and Hooligan Flat Track Racer.
Sign up from 3:30-5:00pm
Flat Track Practice at 5:30pm
Flat Track Racing from 7pm—11pm

July 22 Saturday
Dirt Quake USA
(Pre-Approval and Registration required for all racers! Sign up here)

9:00am—11:00am: Coffee and Swap Meet
12noon—1pm Custom Quake Bike Show
Free to enter! Prizes and more! Winner gets free entry to race.
1:15pm - 2:45 Mini Quake!
Bikes provided. $10 to enter (at race)
Head to head, team races & relay
3:00—4:00pm Jump-off Style Competiton. (Jimmy Hill vs. Rusty Butcher)
4:30 - 5:15pm Dirt Quake check in, safety check, riders meeting at 5:00pm 
5:30pm Dirt Quake Practice - -  Race Order posted
7:00pm National Anthem & Parade Laps
7:30pm Heat Races
8:30pm Half Time (w/ Mexican Wrestling)
9:00pm Main Events
11:30pm Awards and after party with live bands. (Don't miss out!)
2:00am Bed time and camping. Seriously, go to bed now.

Frequently Asked Questions
Dirt Quake FAQ

Q: Where is Castle Rock race track 
Located at Castle Rock Fairgrounds. Exit 49 off I-5 Address: 120 Fair Lane , Castle Rock. Washington

Q: When is Dirt Quake?
Swap meet and campout start Saturday june 17th at 11:00 noon. Regular races are Saturday night starting at 6:00pm, Dirt Quake racing starts 5:00 pm Saturday June 18th

Q: How Much is it? 
$20 per day or 30$ for whole weekend (does not includes vehicle camping fee)

Q: How much to camp?
It is $20 a vehicle, we have limited space.

Q: How do you sign up for DQ racing? and How much?
$75, includes goodie bag. Pre–registration can be done HERE – or email: dirt@sideburnmagazine.com

Q: Are kids and animals welcome? 
Yes, kids are more than welcome. Kid Friendly Event! But keep in mind it's a race and you are solely responsible to keep your child out of harms way. Animals on leash only! Loose animals are dangerous when mixed with racing and motorbikes.

Q: Will there be food?
Snack shack will be open Friday night. Saturday, Chicken and Guns gives away free chicken, and there is a general store ½ mile away. They serve sandwiches and burgers.

Q: Can we bring food, beverages in?
You can bring food and drinks to the camp lot. No outside food inside track gates. (sorry) BBQs are fine in contained and appropriate grills.

Q: Can we bring beer in?
Beer is allowed in camp lot, no outside beer inside track area.

Q: Can I bring a camper van, trailer tent?
Yes, big grass lot allows space for vehicles of any size. This is all on first come first serve basis. Although only VENDORS, RACERS, and WORKERS allowed to camp in the pit areas.

Q: Can I make a campfire? 
Yes, but needs to be inside a contained and in metal case. No ground fires

Q: Where can I watch the event?
Grandstands are open seating once you’ve paid to get into the event and received a wristband.

Q: Can I go in the pits?
Yes, you may, but not your vehicle. Be extremely respectful of regular racers and their gear. 5mph speed limit EVERYWHERE ON THE EVENT FIELDS, besides the track itself.

Q: When does the event start?
Scroll up, you dingus. Friday June 17th 1:00pm gates open to public. Vendors can come at 10:00am. Regular track racing starts at 7pm, Friday. DirtQuake practice start at 5pm on Saturday July 22th.

Q: Can I go in and out of gated area?
Yes with proper payment you are granted in and out access. Please keep on bracelet all weekend.

Q: Swap meet?
It's free to sell, free to attend. Saturday July 22nd (please Swap in the Swap area)

Q: How much is the swap?
9am-11pm Saturday — it's FREE with admission. Camping fees apply.

Q: Custom Bike Show?
12 noon- 1pm Saturday. Free to enter with admission. Bring your bike and win prizes.

Q: Mini bike races?
1:15pm - 2:45pm Saturday — $10 per rider or team. Bikes provided. Start at 1:15pm July 22nd. Anyone can enter.

Rider/Racer FAQs

Q: How much is it to race?
$75 USD. Pre-Registration Required! Sign Up Here. Every entry comes with a goodie bag of stuff. Regular racing on Friday night is $20 per class. Sign-ups day of (Friday from 3-5pm).

Q: What classes can bikes sign up for?
Dirt tracker, Inappropriate road bike, chopper, women’s class, Kitchen sink (for everything else), 250 and 450.

Q: How do I know what class to sign up for?
Email a picture of your bike to dirt@sideburnmagazine.com
We will help you figure it out.

Q: Can you sign up for Dirt Quake the day of the race?
No way. Sign up beforehand HERE.

Q: Do I need a license?
Nope, come race!

Q: When do I check in?
Saturday morning at the sign up station from 4:30pm

Q: What do I need to race?
Helmet, eye protection (visor or goggles), Gloves, Pants, long sleeve top, over the ankle boots. We highly recommend the best safety gear, leathers, armour, back protector, full-face helmet, you can get your hands on. Motorcycle racing can be dangerous.

Q: Is there a safety inspection?
Yes, Make sure your bike is safe, leaks are sealed up. If we see you on the track with an unsafe bike we will Black Flag you, which means you must safely pull off track. If you are unsure, ask an experienced rider to look over your bike.

Q. Can I Drink and Ride a Motorcycle?
Absolutely not, you will be KICKED OUT if you are seen drinking and riding

Q: What time is the rider meeting?
Saturay 4:30pm, before practice starts, all riders must attend.

Q: When is practice?
See schedule above.

Q: How do I practice?
You will get two practice tickets allowing you on the track for four laps each try. Practice order will be posted on schedule. Have respect for other racers in practice and race situations. No one cares where you finish, but everyone has work the next day.

Q: How will the races go?
One heat race to determine your grid position. One main event.

Q: How many trophies are there? And when is the ceremony?
Each class gets 1st, 2nd, 3rd. We are shooting for ceremony to happen directly after races are finished — listen at the track for announcements.


  • Limited spots available (20 total)
  • First come first serve!
  • Set-up: July 21st, 1pm- 5pm
  • No food or alcohol sales
  • Gate admission and camping not included
  • Dirt Quake is not responsible for your products. Please tend to your own things.
  • Good for: Swap meet area, sales, clothing, motorcycle parts, safety gear, stickers, patches, fidget spinners, jewelry...etc.
  • Purchase your spot HERE