Why Did You Build?

Kamp Grizzly called us up and asked if we wanted to help build a custom 2X2 Rokon for an upcoming Danner project. Our task was to make the bike look a little slicker with some added NW spirit. 


How Did You Build? 

We built a custom 2x2 Rokon, attached a Stihl chainsaw on it, rode it around the woods, up a mountain, through a lake and sent it to Japan!

My first choice was the Stihl chainsaw holder, mainly because it was the first thing that came to mind. Ginger over at New Church Moto whipped up a nice seat made with the toughest grade leather we could find at the Danner factory here in Portland. An old Triumph aluminum tank was found and fitted. The colors were selected to reflect the NW - safety orange, forest green and dark brown with hints of chrome. The stock tires are old 3 wheeler style tires, so we dug around and found some gnarly MUDBUG tires. Way tougher looking, in our humble opinion. 


Tech Specs:

  • 135cc 2-stroke motor. ● 3 speed transmission ● weight 190lbs ● power output 10 Hp ● ground clearance 14” ● Steel frame. ● Mechanical Disk brakes ● Min speed: .5 mph ● Max speed: 30mph (they claim 40mph) ● Automatic Clutch ● 2 X 2 chain driven off wishbone driveshaft.