About See See

The Original Motor Coffee Co.

See See Motor Coffee was and is a grassroots movement of keeping motorcycling alive and well in the Pacific Northwest.  In an area where nine months out of the year it rains, it pours and the old man definitely snores... See See wanted to create a community that could reach out to a network of people and riders that had never met or had a place to do so.  

The Beginning

See See Motorcycles started a handful of years ago, like most things, as a hairbrained idea over some barley pops shared between Thor Drake, Drake McElroy and a couple buddies.  As they talked they decided they didn't fit into the current culture and world of motorcycles. They wanted something more like the world they grew up in, where people helped each other, had fun together, and inspired each other to do better and create a more inclusive motorcycle scene.  Now… We're’ not saying that didn't exist, we're sure it did in a lot of places, just not any place near us.

Our Cafes

We created our Motorcycle centric retail and coffee cafe to provide such a space for that community.  Our company has.. and always will be inclusive to all riders of all types at all levels and at all times.  We've paved the way for many other small moto-centric folks to do the same in their own local communities.  See See Motorcycles' name is a play on our logo which has ALWAYS been a smiley face with two C's as it's eyes... showcasing our friendly approach to getting out there, riding motorcycles and enjoying it too.  

We have a very unique setup here with our motorcycle centric space, we combine engines and espresso all under one roof. We love our regulars, and our first timers! If you've never been in, make sure to stop by and check us out.

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More Than a Coffee Shop

See See is more than just a coffee shop, it's more than just a motorcycle shop, its a big funny family of good ol’ folks that believe in having fun, riding all kinds of motorcycles, being creative, inspiring others, and being genuine to the core.

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