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Framers, framers, framers. Framers rule. Not sure what one is? It's a flat track race bike with a specially built chassis made just for turning left and going fast. Not a road bike frame. Not a motocross frame. The purest distillation of flat track and Sideburn 42 is absolutely crammed with them. We have:

+ Greenfield George's super-lightweight Survivor KTM 250 cover bike
+ Leftie's Sudo Cycles Co-Built Rotax
+ Scott Brelsford's Champion Kawasaki H2R 750
+ Russia's only Trackmaster Triumph T120R

COVER: Survivor KTM 250

BIKES: Survivor KTM 250; Harley-Davidson 250 SX dirt tracker; Trackmaster Triumph T120R; Co-Built Rotax; IZH Planeta Sport flat tracker; Honda 650 Thunderbike

PEOPLE: Larry Pegram; Dan Stanley; Scott Brelsford; Dee Johnson; Scott Toepfer; Jeffrey Carver; Lucia Vasquez

INTERVIEW: Larry Pegram

TECHNIQUE: Flat Track Geometry with Cory Texter

ARCHIVE: D's Leathers

PORTFOLIO: The photography of Manuel Portugal

EVENTS: AFT 2020 season opener at Volusia

BLUEPRINT: 1974 Champion Kawasaki H2R triple

DEATH SPRAY ARCHIVE: The Other Racing Line

PAGES: 108


Dirt track on asphalt? What kind of oxymoron thought that up? Turns out a genius called Ken Lilly. We have a bunch of archive photos reliving the lunacy of life in MARS - Motorcycle Asphalt Racing Series. Then we bring dirt trackers on the hard stuff right up to date with two-time SuperHooligan champ Andy DiBrino tarmac drifting the stuffing out of his killer KTM 790 hooligan. We love the idea of it, but our collarbones tingle at the thought.
Of course, there's plenty of dirt too,

World's first test on the Herald Brute 500
Deep dive into Royal Enfield's first national dirt track win
Inside the collector cavern of Speedseekers Chris
All shapes and sizes of dirt track race bikes from USA, Spain, Germany, Belgium and Japan

And all this!

COVER: Will Davis

BIKES: Royal Enfield Twin FT; Herald Brute 500; KTM 790 Superhooligan; Co-Built Yamaha XS650 framer; Knight Honda RS600 framer; Swanson Ducati 250 framer; Honda Dax flat trackers

PEOPLE: Johnny Lewis; Adrian Sellers; Briar Bauman; Andy DiBrino; Rusty Rogers; Kayl Kolkman; Ronnie Jones; Adam Brinkworth


TECHNIQUE: Flat Track Suspension set-up with Cory Texter

ARCHIVE: 1990s MARS - Motorcycle Asphalt Racing Series

PORTFOLIO: The art of Brusco

EVENTS: Preston Burroughs does Sturgis 2020; The Malle Mile

PAGES: 108