Stroked and Bored Hat - Black

Stroked and Bored Hat - Black


A dad hat that says it all. 

Stroked and Bored is a way to get the best power out of an engine. The stroke is the up and down movement of a piston and the bore is the size of the piston. To get the optimal power producing situation you want a short stroke with a high combustion. Over here at See See we are always looking to pump the most amount of fun out of life using the least amount of friction. That's the stroked part of See See. As for the “Bored” part, we go big on everything. All bikes are modified, all bikes are built to go fast. The Stroked and Bored lifestyle is our way. We did this collection of shirts to honor the tuners, modifiers, the people trying to get the most using what you got.


  • The See See Smiley logo hit 
  • Adjustable buckle closure
  • One size fits most